Investment Choice

Member Investment Choice - you're in control!

One of the advantages of being a member of LESF, is that you can control how your funds are invested. LESF offers 6 investment options from which you can choose your investment strategy that best suits you. These are:

  • LESF MySuper Option
  • Cash  Option
  • Conservative Option
  • Equities Option
  • High Growth Option
  • Listed Property Option

You can place your money in one option, or spread it across all of the investment options. Upon joining the fund, you can choose any of or a combination of these options. Where you do not elect an option, your money will be placed in the default option, being LESF MySuper Option. There is often a relationship between risk and return, so as your circumstances change, you may wish to change the mix of your investments. LESF allows members to switch between investment options as often as you like, free of charge.






LESF MySuper Dashboard

LESF dashboard