LESF Super welcomes members from the Managed Australian Retirement Fund

On 26 February 2016, members in the Managed Australian Retirement Fund (MARF) will transfer to LESF Super (LESF) under a Successor Fund Transfer (SFT).

After the SFT, all ex-MARF members will enjoy the same features and benefits LESF has to offer, including a wider range of investment options, lowered fees and access to a modern online system.

All transferred MARF members will receive a welcome letter in March 2016, detailing their new member numbers, investment choices and insurance benefit design.

LESF is committed to grow the fund and reach the scale to benefit all members. The MARF SFT will see LESF increase its membership by 33.5% and fund size by 19.5%.

If you would like further information about the SFT or LESF generally, please contact our LESF Super Member Services team on 1800 359 686.